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Mel. Mum of Olive, (12 months)

The Doddl cutlery set is ideal for toddlers and younger children. I introduced my daughter to them when she was just 12 months old and I was amazed at how she immediately held them correctly encouraging good motor skills at such an early age. I highly recommend this product for any child learning to use a cutlery set or even for the older child, as my six year old enjoyed using them too.

Susie H, mum of Aubrey (26 months)

Aubrey took to using her Doddl cutlery straight away; using the spoon and fork seems to be intuitive and she is really developing her cutting skills with the knife now. Thank you Doddl!

Kate C, Primary School Teacher

Children regularly have issues with the fine motor skills needed to use standard cutlery appropriately. They often struggle to cut up their own food, which in a school setting can mean that they either need help from an adult, or don’t finish eating their meal. Developing suitable strength and grip in early childhood would enable them to hold and use cutlery effectively and would have a dramatic impact on school dinner time.

Faye D, Mum to 2 year old girl

It was a joy to see Jemima hold the cutlery in her hands, using the pincer grip.

Fin O, Mum to 16 month old boy

Excellent design. Really great to have a spoon my 16-month old can use without food falling off. He used a perfect pincer-grip

Claire G, mum to 4 year old twins

Much much better than any of the other Children’s cutlery on the market.

Hannah (mother of 2, Somerset)

My daughter Elsie, 2 years and 11 months old, loved the Doddl cutlery set. She was so keen to try it out she wanted her supper then and there! When the time came to eat her roast she was eager to get going and picked up the knife and fork with ease. The Doddl allowed her to cut and eat her food completely independently, she seemed to take to the Doddl very naturally and with little effort required. My 5 year old son was also keen to give the set a go, the set is not age specific. I would highly recommend this product.

Kirsty B

Tried your cutlery with our 3 year old – she has cerebral palsy which affects her movements and can make meal times messy to say the least as she likes to be independent. She managed almost a whole bowl of pasta without any help and an awful lot less mess. I applaud you guys… Fab invention.