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  • 5 star review  I would definitely recommend this cutlery. My son finds it a lot easier to use than other cutlery and looks so comfortable using it. Top product �

    thumb Rachael Darby

    5 star review  Purchased these products for my 17th month old as wanted to get him to engage more with using his fork and spoon at meal time instead of his hands. Got them whilst they were slightly discounted but I would be happy to pay full price for them as my son has taken to them so well and now asks for this specific fork at mealtimes in order to eat. Beautiful packaging and very sturdy design of the product!

    thumb Shelley Stowers

    5 star review  Orderd for my 13mnths little boy - they are fab he loves them Doing so well with his fork afta a couple days ..:)

    thumb Kirsty Roberts
  • 5 star review  Doddl cutlery is one of those things that is a game changer with kids. I've told so many others about it. Our 21 month old is now very adept at using cutlery and I put that down to Doddl. As soon as he picked it up it was obviously intuitive as to how to utilise the cutlery, he has gained in confidence ever since and now eats like a pro. Well done for producing such a great product! Clever, clever people x

    thumb Rory Lindsey McLeod

    5 star review  Was very sceptical at first, but im soo glad I purchased a set! My son took to it straight away and on his first try he managed to feed himself!! Over the moon is a understatement!! Would highly recommend people buying a set of these x

    thumb Rachel Johnson

    5 star review  I met these guys a few years back at the Gadget show when the cutlery was still in development stage and they kindly kept me updated with the developments. As soon as the product launched, I snapped up a set and my eldest loved it, he still does! Kids really do have so much more control with their food when using this cutlery. I’ve now just ordered a second set for my youngest and I’m sure she will get to grips (literally!) with it too! Highly recommended. Rosie and the team are passionate too so they’ll happily resond to any questions you may have!

    thumb Steven Dealey
  • 5 star review  Absolutely love this cutlery, my 12 month old finds them so easy to use! Definitely worth the money and brilliant customer service.

    thumb Samara Townley

    5 star review  Bought two sets, one for my daughter and one for my nephew, both 12 months old. They both find them much easy to grip and operate than traditional cutlery and are quickly becoming more and more proficient with the spoon and fork. Yet to try them with the knife but I have used it myself to cut up fruit and veg and it cuts easily and cleanly with just simple downward force- no sawing. Safety blade ensures no mishaps. Well worth the money. Would like to be able to buy separately as well as more spoons and forks would be useful.

    thumb Hazel Fleming

    5 star review  We love our Doddl spoon! My daughter isn't yet up to using the knife and fork, but her ability to self feed has improved so much with this spoon. She had many issues with feeding and texture, and didn't eat chunkier food until 20 months of age. She also did not want to feed herself. With this spoon her confidence has improved so much and she loves eating.

    thumb Miranda Elizabeth
  • 5 star review  Love them. My 3 year old hasn't managed to be feed him self independently with normal cutlery without getting food every where, until we recieved these. Well chuffed with them. Well worth the money. Thank you. X

    thumb Stefanie Dorrell

    5 star review  We bought these for our little mans first birthday, they are brilliant! He’s really taken to learning to use the cutlery, Doddl are perfectly shaped for little hands! �

    thumb Penélope Severo

    5 star review  My ‘independent’ 17 month old toddler has come on leaps and bounds with his eating since buying this clever cutlery a couple of months ago, which has saved us from some very frustrating meal times! It was only when he managed to ‘hide’ the spoon that we realised how much difference it was making; he went backwards with his eating when he had to use a normal baby spoon. Very clever design which encourages them to hold correctly and not to turn upside down at the last second! Worth the money �

    thumb Jenni Hathway
  • 5 star review  I bought a blue set for my wee boy, he loves them sand finds getting food from plate to mouth much easier than with other cutlery! Great customer service too! Thank you �

    thumb Angela Booth

    5 star review  The cutlery is such a fantastic design! My little boy has been using the fork and spoon since he was around 10months and he does so well feeding himself. I've tried other designs, they really just don't work compared to this. So impressed with customer service too! Thanks Doddl Cutlery xxx

    thumb Chloë Cotty

    5 star review  My 15 month old daughter love her Doddl cutlery! And she eats so well with it. Amazing product thank you. �

    thumb Anna Johnston
  • 5 star review  My 15 month has started using the fork and spoon. Definitely better suited to her little hands rather than the plastic ones on the market

    thumb Carys Sisto

    5 star review  Fantastically designed cutlery, that immediately grabbed our 14 month olds attention. We've tried a few different styles of baby cutlery but none of them engage him like these. He has started to experiment with fork and has taken to the spoon really well, naturally progressing from baby led weaning. The companies customer service is second to none, really friendly and replies very quickly to queries.

    thumb Adam Walford-Dunn

    5 star review  We've only been using this set for a week but would highly recommend it as we've seen such an improvement with our 16 month old, wish i had brought them sooner.

    thumb Karlie Seymour
  • 5 star review  I bought these recently for my 15 month old who has shown 0 interest in using her cutlery! I wasn't sure to begin with due to price but I got them in the Black Friday sale and I have to say, I'd be more than happy to pay full price! They are fab! Within just a couple of uses my daughter has started to use the fork!! She's yet to master the spoon but she's much more interested in them and is clearly giving it a good go. Doddl were also very helpful when I needed to contact them and replied quickly. Highly recommend!

    thumb Emma Mitchell

    5 star review  Just got my 16month old boy his Doddl cutlery set...Amazing! He was doing well with other kids cutlery but what a difference. Absolutely love them. �

    thumb Alana Fullerton

    5 star review  Fantastic product! A little expensive but well worth it. My LO learnt to use it immediately! However we have now lost the fork and currently can't afford to replace the set

    thumb Jenna Uttridge
  • 5 star review  My 16 month old feeds himself and even helps me prepare dinner using your cutlery- it is amazing! I would definitely recommend Doddl to all of my friends! Thank you!

    thumb Alexandra Panton

    5 star review  Brilliant cutlery set bought for my daughter’s first birthday. She was getting very frustrated with ‘traditional’ childrens cutlery sets as found them hard to hold and was unable to pick food up easily, resulting in tantrums. She has a new found independence with the Doddl set and loves being able to feed herself. Brilliant customer service too! Recommending to everyone!

    thumb Sophie Street

    5 star review  My daughter had her first roast dinner and used the fork for the first time and it was a success! Easy to hold and she managed to get the food from the fork, no issues. Onwards to using the knife when she gets older as she is 15 months so we need to stick with the fork and spoon at the moment. Very impressed with the design and ease at which they can be used.

    thumb Steph Beech
  • 5 star review  My little girl loves using the cutlery and it has really helped her develop her pincer grip at only 18 months old. We did recently lose her fork but Rosie was only to happy to help us

    thumb Louise Steer

    5 star review  My son gets on brilliantly with his cutlery and used the spoon and fork instinctively as soon as he picked them up (yet to try the knife) They're a fab design and really help little hands get the hang of cutlery. A great follow on from baby led weaning and he loves the independence it gives him eating. I've also had some very quick responses for a query I had, excellent customer service and a great company all round. Thank you!

    thumb Sam Schofield

    5 star review  brilliant! my little girl is 14 months and is very independent..... she loves to feed herself and the doddl cutlery set helps her do just that!

    thumb Cassie Fone
  • 5 star review  I bought these for my twin girls who are 17moths old (15months corrected) to try & they have been a massive success. One of my girls has cerebral palsy & struggles to use her left hand as it is normaly fisted shut but with the shape of the handles she has been able to attempt feeding her self which is fantastic. Just ordered some extras for them to take with them to nursery as I'm that impressed. Cannot recommend these enough. Abi

    thumb Adam N Abi Daine

    5 star review  Brilliant cutlery for little ones, my determined 11 month old wanted to feed herself independently with cutlery but got frustrated trying to use conventional sets. As soon as she was introduced to the doddl fork and spoon at 12 month old she picked up eating independently effortlessly. She's now 20 months and eating like an absolute pro and she's never been a messy eater. Her coordination is very good and now she's starting to use pencils and crayons and her pincer grip is really good.

    thumb Claire Vallis

    5 star review  My 4 year son has some additional difficulties, he managed to use the doddl cutlery independently the very first time. He was so pleased with himself and we were extremely pleased and proud too. Well done Doddl! Great communication and customer service too.

    thumb Sam Reid

Sent to us direct from our customers…

Mel. Mum of Olive, (12 months)

The Doddl cutlery set is ideal for toddlers and younger children. I introduced my daughter to them when she was just 12 months old and I was amazed at how she immediately held them correctly encouraging good motor skills at such an early age. I highly recommend this product for any child learning to use a cutlery set or even for the older child, as my six year old enjoyed using them too.

Susie H, mum of Aubrey (26 months)

Aubrey took to using her Doddl cutlery straight away; using the spoon and fork seems to be intuitive and she is really developing her cutting skills with the knife now. Thank you Doddl!

Kate C, Primary School Teacher

Children regularly have issues with the fine motor skills needed to use standard cutlery appropriately. They often struggle to cut up their own food, which in a school setting can mean that they either need help from an adult, or don’t finish eating their meal. Developing suitable strength and grip in early childhood would enable them to hold and use cutlery effectively and would have a dramatic impact on school dinner time.

Faye D, Mum to 2 year old girl

It was a joy to see Jemima hold the cutlery in her hands, using the pincer grip.

Fin O, Mum to 16 month old boy

Excellent design. Really great to have a spoon my 16-month old can use without food falling off. He used a perfect pincer-grip

Claire G, mum to 4 year old twins

Much much better than any of the other Children’s cutlery on the market.

Hannah (mother of 2, Somerset)

My daughter Elsie, 2 years and 11 months old, loved the Doddl cutlery set. She was so keen to try it out she wanted her supper then and there! When the time came to eat her roast she was eager to get going and picked up the knife and fork with ease. The Doddl allowed her to cut and eat her food completely independently, she seemed to take to the Doddl very naturally and with little effort required. My 5 year old son was also keen to give the set a go, the set is not age specific. I would highly recommend this product.

Kirsty B

Tried your cutlery with our 3 year old – she has cerebral palsy which affects her movements and can make meal times messy to say the least as she likes to be independent. She managed almost a whole bowl of pasta without any help and an awful lot less mess. I applaud you guys… Fab invention.