The less mess factor

Make meal times easier

Children’s Cutlery that Reduces Mess

Less fuss. Less drama.
Less food on the ceiling.

You know the story. Cutlery battled with and then discarded through frustration. Food eaten with hands, spread as far as the eye can see. Your hungry little person refusing help despite not managing to get more than half a carrot into their mouths. Then there’s you (probably with patience waning) desperately trying to manage operation clear up while keeping an eye on what actually goes in their mouths vs. over the table, the walls, the floor and possibly even the dog.

If that sounds familiar, you’re certainly not alone.

But lets be fair, why do we assume children should be able to use mini versions of cutlery that have been designed and created for adults? Well, after a lot of research, we don’t. And we can confidently say it’s really not the children that are at fault – but the tools we give them.

How Doddl cutlery is different.


Doddl cutlery has been created from scratch specifically for children. Doddl cutlery isn’t a small version of cutlery created for adults.


The beautiful contours of the handle are natural, comfortable to hold and easy to use – meaning your child is far less likely to become frustrated and resort to fingers.


Doddl Knife Fork and Spoon are designed to work with your child’s intuitive grip, offering a natural progression from baby-led weaning and making the use of cutlery a much more simple task.


The expertly designed soft touch areas provide easy non slip finger placement, enabling your child to develop dexterity and hand-eye co-ordination.


The Doddl fork can be easily rotated within the palm for both stabbing and scooping – offering your child options on how best to tackle their food.


With the right tools to enable success, you’ll find your child will naturally progress to using cutlery confidently. Meaning you’ll spend less time clearing up, and more time enjoying watching them become a more independent (less frustrated) little person, with a satisfied belly.

  • Knife and fork are functionally sharp – certified safe.
  • High quality BPA free materials
  • Dishwasher safe and long lasting – one set will support your child until they are ready to use adult cutlery.
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