The Doddl factor

About us

Children’s Cutlery Designed By Mums For Kids

Innovation from a bunch of mothers

Often frustration and desperation drives creativity and innovation. And in our case it’s pretty close to the truth. Back in 2013 our MD, Cat, was trying to feed her 3  young children (see the less mess factor if you want a detailed scene description). Not only were pasta twirls flying around her hungry and tired children, the handle of the plastic fork her daughter was using snapped. Stress levels rising and close to the edge, Cat realised that she was continuing to eat with the shortened fork, and not only this, but was significantly more successful than she had been using the long handled cutlery. Why? (thought Cat) do we encourage children to use smaller versions of cutlery designed for adults – and expect them to succeed?

Doddl the science factor

And here lies the light bulb moment. Doddl, the idea, was born.

It only took 40 prototypes, 18 months of research and testing, involvement from a Child Development Specialist, support from 9 UK professional and government organisations and a successful crowd funding campaign to get us to where we are today.

We go beyond ergonomic. We are market leaders in educational cutlery for children.

Ps. For those of you that don’t know – ‘its a doddle’ is a term used in the UK to describe ‘a very easy task’. And that’s the aim of Doddl cutlery after all, making meal times a ‘Doddl’. (The fact our MD’s surname is Dodd is a genuine coincidence).

Doddl the science factor

Team Doddl

There are a fair few of us at Dodd now. But meet three of our founding members:

Catherine Dodd, Managing Director and Mum of three.

The creative mind behind Doddl, Cat combines her inventive skill with good business sense designing new and innovative products as inspiration arrives.

Mother of three amazing children – including twins – Cat thrives on the challenge of seeing how she can improve every day items to make life that little bit easier for parents.

Rosie Phelps-Goggins, Projects and Business Director and Mum of one.

Rosie’s first career was as an Intelligence officer in the Royal Air Force and became the first female in an intelligence post on the Joint Special Forces Aviation Wing (JSFAW), providing air intelligence support to Special Forces.  After six years of service, with tours of operational duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, Rosie felt it was time for a new challenge in business.  Rosie took her first business from humble beginnings to a multi-award winning company, before joining her sister Cat in Doddl.

Laura Thomas, Sales and Marketing Director and Mum of two.

It’s Laura’s job to tell the world about Doddl. With a significant amount of time working with some of the worlds biggest brands, Laura is busy developing our brand and marketing activity across the globe – connecting with customers and reaching new audiences with our product innovation.