The development factor

Progress your child’s skills and independence

Build Strength. Build Coordination.
Build ability.

At Doddl, we care about children, and we think about solutions that will make life just that little bit easier for them. To prove it, we’ve created a functional yet beautifully designed product that benefits your child’s development whilst they are learning to feed themselves.

Doddl Development factor Children Knife and fork
Doddl Development factor Children Knife and fork

How Doddl cutlery helps your child:

Building fine motor skills

  • The handles of Doddl cutlery sit within your child’s hand, with the main body nestling comfortably in their palm.
  • Expertly placed and colourful soft touch areas encourage your child to intuitively open up their fingers and ‘pinch’ the cutlery helping them progress from the basic palmar grip to the more advanced ‘pincer grip’ (which a core motor skill they’ll need to hold a pencil, use scissors and, in time, use adult cutlery).
Doddl Development factor Children Knife and fork

Developing strength and co-ordination

  • Ambidextrous, Doddl cutlery encourages your child to work out, at their own pace, which is their dominant hand, whilst at the same time improving the communication between both sides of their brain – supporting all round cognitive development.
  • The Doddl knife supports your child’s developing wrist muscles helping them to continually build strength and control.
  • The Doddl fork can be easily rotated within the palm for both stabbing and scooping, offering your child options on how best to tackle their food.
  • The compact design assists hand-eye coordination. No more waving the cutlery around like a weapon ready to unleash food fury on all surrounding surfaces.
  • With these developing skills and dexterity your little person will quickly become a pro at managing cutlery – eating effectively with confidence and with less mess.
  • Knife and fork are functionally sharp – certified safe.
  • High quality BPA free materials.
  • Dishwasher safe and long lasting, Doddl will support your child until they are ready to use adult cutlery.