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Ergonomic Children’s Cutlery – Designed For Kids

Revolutionary cutlery.
Beautifully designed.

As a business, we’re here to create functional solutions, but there’s nothing wrong with making them look good too.

Doddl Spoon

— Williamsburg cardigan Helvetica Banksy mustache quinoa.


  • Handle sits comfortably within your child’s hand
  • Much easier to grip and control than standard children’s cutlery
  • Soft-touch areas enable correct finger placement
Doddl Fork


  • Encourages ‘pincer’ grip, which is an important development milestone
  • Fork prongs are functionally sharp, but certified safe
  • Handle easily rotates in your child’s hand, so they can switch between scooping and stabbing

— Roof party duis pariatur master cleanse, small batch.

Doddl Fork
Doddl Knife


  • Unique and functional design
  • Supports your child’s hand and wrist whilst cutting through food
  • Blade of the knife is effective at safely cutting food but not your child.
  • High quality BPA and Phthalate free materials
  • Certified to standard EN 14372
  • Suitable for 12 months+
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Long lasting – say goodbye to broken, useless cutlery, Doddl will support your child until they are ready to use adult cutlery.
  • Aids transition to adult cutlery
Doddl Kids and cutlery sets