About doddl

We’re a young passionate company, run by parents, on a mission to make mealtimes easy, more engaging and beneficial for children (and parents!). We’ve all been there, at the stressful, frustrating, messy mealtimes. But now we’re helping turn mealtimes in to adventures, by creating clever products that help hungry minds discover the world around them. For us, it’s all about giving children the right tools to help teach their little hands so they can learn to enjoy eating independently.

We apply our learning as parents to all of our products and embed research and testing at the heart of our everything we do. We use our passion about the benefits of happy mealtimes to deliver the very best products and services to our customers – big and small.

Industry awards and endorsement from child healthcare experts including Occupational Therapists, Nutritionists and Child Development Specialists, helps confirm we’re doing something right. But most importantly are our customer reviews, that tell us doddl is truly making a difference to our customers lives, and for us, that’s what it’s all about.

Our story

I’m Cat, mum of three, inventor of doddl cutlery and founder of doddl. I personally experienced really difficult mealtimes with my 3 young children (all under 4) and eventually I’d just had enough.  I just could not understand why it was so hard for them (and me!). Then one day my daughters fork handle broke, she picked up the short end and bingo – just like that she could eat with it. Food was actually moving in the right direction, from plate to mouth. So, I did a lot of digging into the problem and realised it was the cutlery that was the issue. 

In reality, children’s cutlery is just a small version of a product designed around the dexterity and coordination of an adult. It’s not designed for children. In particular, it was the long handles that were the issue because they force the continued use of the basic palmar grip. That’s what makes it so awkward for children. And most children’s knives are (excuse the pun) pointless. Blunt and reliant on strength in a wrist that a young child doesn’t yet have, they create the belief in a child they just don’t work (because they don’t).

So while the children napped, I set about re-imagining and redesigning children’s cutlery, alongside child development experts, to make it easy for kids to use and to make mealtimes enjoyable for everyone. Starting a business from scratch wasn’t easy, but I truly believed in the power of happy mealtimes and I still do.

Team doddl

Catherine Dodd

Founder & Managing Director
(Mum of three)

Hi, i’m Cat the inventor and founder of doddl. I’m always trying to figure out how to make life a bit easier – i keep a little black book of ideas in case i hit upon something new! I learned on the job with doddl. i hadn’t run a business before, but now, after many many years of hard work and sacrifices, i can confidently say i’m getting the hang of it…! I’m also a mum of three energetic children (including twins) a dog, and a horse, so along with the business, life is certainly never dull. Hearing from our customers is far and away the best bit of what we do. I wanted to help other parents, and now i genuinely feel like we do, and that makes it all worthwhile!

Laura Thomas

Brand Marketing Director
(mum of two)

I’m Laura (commonly known as LT) Brand Marketing Director at doddl. My route to doddl was pretty simple really. I spent over 18 years working in creative agencies and within the banking industry as a brand and marketing specialist. Then having sparked up a friendship with Cat in the school playground, it didn’t take me long to join the business. Now, a few more years and some significant adventures later we’re well on our way to establishing the successful global business we used to talk about over a gin or 2. With new products in the pipeline and new markets to enter, its an exciting time to be part of team doddl!

Did you know..?

“It’s a doddle” is a British term of phrase for something that is really easy. This phrase sums up what Doddl is all about; making mealtimes easy and fun for all the family (and it is a genuine coincidence that our Managing Director Cat’s surname is Dodd!)

PS and its definitely doddl, not doodle..!

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