The journey from finger food to little cutlery connoisseurs.

The ability to use cutlery in different ways is a fantastic way to keep track of your child’s development.

With that in mind, here at doddl we’ve created a simple checklist to tick off those motor-skill mini-milestones… as you watch your little one go from spoon rookie to fork master.

The checkpoints below are aimed at an age range of 12months+ and we’ve put them in a loose step-by-step order. But we know that all kids develop differently, so if your child aces 6 before they’ve conquered 4, that’s just as good.

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Doddl children's cutlery mealtime milestones checklist

At doddl we work with feeding specialists and development experts to ensure all of our advice is up to date and accurate.

You can download and print the #MealTimeMilestones checklist here!

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