If you’re used to preparing meals with scampering kids around your feet, why not get your children involved in food preparation?

Thinking amongst health professionals is that cooking with your child can help to encourage more adventurous eating, but also maths and coordination skills.

We love the idea of encouraging children to take more of a role in choosing, preparing and cooking simple meals which can mean they actually end up eating a wider variety of foods.

Letting your children touch the ingredients, and talking about where they come from is a great way to overcome food anxieties – the more familiar and comfortable they become, the more likely they are to eat them at the end!

Counting out the ingredients, talking about the colours, and even discussing which letter they begin with are other ways to learn through cooking.

It’s also a fun way to introduce new ingredients and textures, and also make it less of a mundane chore for you too!

Our ergonomic cutlery, and in particular the knife can be the ideal tools to allow them to mix and chop ingredients.

You can now buy our Doddl cutlery sets at JoJo Maman Bébé and John Lewis, as well as online at Kiddicare and Doddl.com.

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